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The Benefits of using DFM/A Up-front to Improve Production when Combined with Lean Manufacturing Process

In a consumer driven market, fast is more than just a word. The meaning of the word has been shaped by industries of its association. To keep up with the aggressive demand, Toyota established Toyota Production System (TPS) in the late 50’s. Often dubbed as Lean Manufacturing, the origin of a TPS-like environment can be […]

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DFMPro v3.5 for Creo and Pro/Engineer

Geometric has released DFMPro v3.5 for Pro/Engineer and Creo. The new release features rules such as welding of T-joints, part count reduction and additional enhancements for sheet metal fabrication, injection molding and assembly. DFMPro v3.5 has introduced a rule for welding, which is critical from ensuring the strength of a fillet weld joint. Fillet welds […]

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Manufacturing productivity through design efficiency

America & Europe have seen a steady decline in manufacturing job creation and the jobs moving to low cost countries such as China & Taiwan. The cost arbitrage has been extremely lucrative over the years. But the things seem to be changing from last few years. Rising labour costs, shipping, dwindling government incentives and newer […]

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