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Standalone DFX

Standalone DFX- Catia v5

Geometric DFX® is a standalone design validation application that allows design engineer to ensure that issues related to manufacturing, cost, quality, assembly and serviceability are addressed right at the design stage. It run DFX checks from most CAD formats such as CATIA®, Creo Parametric™, Inventor®, NX™, Soild Edge®, SolidWorks® as well as neutral formats like STEP/IGES. 

Design for eXcellence or DfX reviews related to manufacturing, cost, quality, supplier capability, assembly, serviceability and environment are conducive to effective product design. However if ignored, can lead to engineering changes occurring at later stages of product lifecycle which are highly expensive and cause product delays and cost over-runs. Geometric DFX® is a knowledge-driven framework  that captures all major DfX techniques . It’s simple use interface allows designers to run DfX checks in the application itself and generate reports in few clicks. Geometric DFX® is powered by the DFMPro. The ‘Out of the Box’ (OOTB) version comes prepackaged with multiple Design for eXcellence rules that take into account downstream issues impacting part or assembly design.

DFX - Catia v5

Supported CAD Formats:

  • CATIA®
  • Creo Parametric™
  • Inventor®
  • NX™
  • Solid Edge®
  • SolidWorks®





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