Design for Performance
Summary: This whitepaper throws light on how to identify and correct Design for Performance related issues early in the design cycle.

Design for Additive Manufacturing
Summary: There are several factors that are to be considered at the design stage for effective manufacturing of parts using additive manufacturing. Few such design issues in additive manufacturing are discussed in this paper.

The other side of Design for Assembly.
Summary: Assembly level constraints need to be satisfied before the design can move downstream. This white paper will go through the various assembly level issues, which need to be tackled by various organizations on a regular basis.

A new approach to design and manufacturing collaboration
Summary: The benefits of cost and time savings using effective collaborative mechanisms at the right time have been highlighted in this white paper. DFMPro, CAMWorks and eDrawings together improve collaboration.

DFM Automation
Summary: This white paper brings out the current challenges of DFM and how a DFM review automation tool can address many of these aspects. It also lists the key requirements from such software and the benefits derived from deployment of DFM review automation.

Tooling and casting requirements addressed at design stage
Summary: This paper discusses various issues related to casting and tooling that can be addressed at the design stage to save valuable time and cost.