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Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Winning in today’s global marketplace requires more than just creating innovative product designs. To succeed, companies must focus on designs that can help reduce scrap, minimize development cost, streamline production processes and speed up the product launch.

On a global average, designers spend around 30% of their time on design rework - designing a product ­first, them attempting to optimize it later to meet downstream manufacturing requirements

Consideration of manufacturability and assembly issues during early design stage shortens product development time, minimizes development cost, and ensures a smooth transition into production with minimal rework

DFMPro® is a powerful design for manufacturability solution that assists design engineers to pre-empt and address downstream manufacturing, assembly, quality and serviceability issues at an early design stage

Powerful, Yet Simple Design for Manufacturability Solution 

  • DFMPro validates upstream manufacturability, identifying design areas that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture
  • Automates and formalizes the design review process using best-practice handbooks and industry associations
  • Provides DFM best practices and checks in form of rules
  • Analyses design models for manufacturability and assembly and suggests corrective actions based on library of 100+ design rules for core manufacturing processes. View Sample Rules
  • Provides a mechanism for capturing best practice knowledge and brings in standardization across the organization


  • Powerful framework for capturing and disseminating manufacturing knowledge upstream
  • Increases engineering productivity, reduces design iterations and rework
  • Accelerates and enriches design to manufacturing collaboration
  • Facilitates on-the-job training of design engineers

Trusted by top organizations in various industries

Fully integrated within leading CAD Platforms

CREO ParametricDFMPro for Creo SOLIDWORKSDFMPro for SOLIDWORKS NXDFMPro for NX Standalone DFXGeometric DFX

Jabil presentation at PTC Live Global 2013

Mr. Hugo Cisneros, Jabil Circuit talks about how Jabil was ranked #1 supplier by an OEM through use of DFMPro®

Leverage the power of DFM

Mr. Bhaskar Sinha, Geometric Ltd explaining in details how DFM can help manufacturers across the product realization cycle

Motorola Presentation at Planet PTC

Mr. Paul Lalinde, Motorola sharing experience of Automating Manufacturability checks with DFMPro®

Customer Success Stories

Here are a few companies that have experienced the success of using DFMPro.


“Celestica expertise is in design and engineering, electronics manufacturing and supply chain management services. Our suite of solutions spans the entire product lifecycle – from design, through to delivery and after-market support.

Geometric DFX® solution helped us to improve productivity by almost 12% and helped us to identify quality issues earlier right during design phase.”

Frank Huang
ME Director

Jabil Circuits de Mexico

“We have used DFMPro® from Geometric and have found that it is an easy to use tool, which have helped us to develop analysis not only for assemblies on most of the products we've manufactured within Jabil but also to perform and validate that sheet metals or molded parts can be cleaned up in order to receive reliable parts from vendors. Some of this analysis has helped us to identify critical issues during the design stage and also has helped us to design feasible tools for the assembly process. We are very satisfied with the results obtained with this tool that some of our customers have positioned Jabil for first place compared to other CMs”

Hugo Cisneros
Jabil Circuits de Mexico

Motorola Solutions Inc.

“Geometric Limited has quick, test-driven analysis tools – DFMPro® and GeomCaliper. They are indeed simply integrated, intuitive and seamless in Creo ( Pro/Engineer).The results of tool aid us in improving our design and reducing issues in downstream”

Paul Lalinde
Motorola Solutions Inc.

Whirlpool Corporation

“We have many plastic and sheet metal components in our products. DFMPro® helps our designers quickly identify the issues which are otherwise difficult to capture at the design stage. These issues include things like mold wall thickness and undercuts in plastic parts, incorrect bends in sheet metal parts which cause problems downstream. This tool helps our design teams understand the processes involved in manufacturing. In other words, helps them understand how to Design for Manufacturing. This leads to a significant reduction in design iterations due to issues with manufacturability and a reduction in design checking time. Our aim is to get designs right the first time and this tool helps us achieve this goal.”

SK Pradeep Kumar
Director – E&T CapabilitiesGeorge Angelov
Director – Global Prototyping & Planning
Global Technology and Engineering Centre Whirpool

Toshiba Corporation

“Now 3D design data of our products are checked by the DFMPro® in the design process. Our conventional checking process by designers was highly time-consuming. In contrast, the DFMPro checking is truly fast and reliable in searching the parts to be redesigned or corrected, and the checking criteria ca be customized for the appropriate checking of our own products. As a result, we successfully reduced 75% of the checking time of the wall thickness to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our design improvement before the release of drawings.”

Kaoru Mizoroki
Group Manager
Design & Development Center Design Dept. 9 Group 3
Toshiba Corporation, Digital Products & Services Company

Rockwell Automation

“Injection molding parts are typically complex and difficult to check manually. Compared to earlier manual methods of checking parts for draft angles, wall thickness and undercuts; DFMPro® quickly and accurately identifies such regions. It serves the direct purpose of identifying manufacturability problems right at the design stage and helps reduce design iterations. It is an easy to use tool which significantly helped us to reduce our part checking time by almost 60% while ensuring robust quality of design.”

Randy Scherger
Senior Tool Designer
Rockwell Automation


“The various components in our products are typically manufactured through injection molding process. Earlier, we were using a manual process for DFM reviews which involved using checklists and knowledge from experienced engineers. The process required a lot of time from experienced engineers and still was error prone. Also, the designer had difficulties in checking the design for issues related to draft angle, wall thickness etc. due to limitations of the CAD software itself.With DFMPro®, our designers are able to detect & correct 80-85% of the issues that they couldn’t detect earlier in the CAD software. Due to this, we are able to see a significant improvement of quality levels in the design process. DFMPro has helped us automate the DFM review and making the process a lot convenient. DFMPro has noe been implemented as part of our standard design process.”

Kamalakar Muralidhar,
Asst. Manager
DesignL&T MPS

Sulzer India Limited

“Using DFMPro®, we were able to reduce our time for checking the product design from the manufacturing feasibility point of view by approximately 90% w.r.t. manual checking. The net reduction in total time for checking of product design by using DFMPro software is approximately 15%.”

Amol Mane
Manager, Engineering Dept.
Sulzer India Limited

DFMPro Automation helps a market leader in the field of process engineering experience significant reduction in review time. Read More>>

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication: It starts from Design
    (Featured in Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News, 40-41, May-Jun 2010 online publication)
    As recession fades away, companies are too cautious about how to move forward and a great deal of effort is spent in strategizing the future course. To cope up with the global competition, developing expertise on lowering product cost and quality manufacturing is going to be essential. Designs need to contain only essential functional features and care needs to be taken to make the designs manufacturable using cheaper manufacturing processes, and with less scrap and rejections. This will not only make the designs cost effective but also greener, along with getting them to market faster.

  • DFMPro® advances integration of design for manufacturing
    (Featured in: SAE International online publication)
    Delivering designs fast that cost the minimum while meeting targets for function, quality, and durability is what sets apart the expert engineer. The discipline of design for manufacturing (DFM) intends to aid engineers in doing just that.

  • Benefits of Using the Right Measurement Tool
    (Featured in Moldmaking Technology online publication)
    Thickness analysis software is a CAD tool that facilitates the measurement and validation of wall thickness of 3-D CAD models. It accelerates the design review process for manufacturability, enabling designs to move to prototyping and production stages much faster.

  • Design for Manufacturability reviews brings rewards
    (Featured in Tooling & Production online publication)
    Automated DFM validation will not only improve the quality of designs and reduce issues in manufacturing for organizations; it will also result in big savings in terms of manufacturing costs and shorter design and manufacturing cycles.

  • MCAD Online – Geometric DFM review
    DFM pro includes a wide variety of checks for manufacturability on milled parts. Here the system has identified Deep Holes, where the depth to diameter

Latest version of Geometric's DFMPro® for NX helps improve productivity and aid in next generation Design for Manufacturability processes
Pune, India: May 18, 2015: Geometric Limited, a leader in Product lifecycle Management (PLM), Global Engineering Services and Offshore Product Development (OPD) Solutions and Technologies, announces the availability of a new version 4.0 of its automated design for manufacturability solution, DFMPro for NX™ software. DFMPro version 4.0 delivers enhanced design flexibility with newly added support for additive manufacturing, tubing and sand casting processes. NX, developed by Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business, is an integrated 3D computeraided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) software.


Geometric launches a standalone DFX validation solution
Mumbai, India, August 20, 2013: Geometric Limited, (BSE: 532312, NSE: GEOMETRIC), a leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Global Engineering Services, and Offshore Software Product Development (OSPD) solutions and technologies, today announced the launch of Geometric DFX, a standalone application for carrying out DFX validation of product designs. Geometric DFX is powered by Geometric’s award-winning design for manufacturability solution DFMPro® and leverages the CGM 3D modeling kernel from Spatial Corp., a leading provider of 3D components for technical application development. Spatial’s 3D InterOp is also used to enable data reuse for native CATIA® V5 and other leading CAD formats.
Geometric introduces advanced milling and drilling checks in DFMPro®
Mumbai, India, June 4, 2013: Geometric Limited (BSE: 532312, NSE: GEOMETRIC), a leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Global Engineering Services, and Offshore Product Development (OPD) solutions and technologies, will showcase the latest version of its automated manufacturability validation tool, DFMPro ™ for PTC® Creo™ Parametric at Booth #515, at PTC Live Global, from 9-12 June, 2013 at the Anaheim, California, USA.


Geometric launches DFMPro® for NX to improve design review efficiency
Mumbai, India, July 12 , 2012: Geometric Limited (BSE: 532312, NSE: GEOMETRIC), a leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Global Engineering Services, and Offshore Product Development (OPD) solutions and technologies , today announced the launch of its automated design for manufacturability solution, DFMPro ® for NX™ software , Siemens PLM Software’s solution for integrated computer - aided design manufacturing and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE).
DFMPro® for PTC Creo Doubles Design Validation Productivity
Mumbai, India, May , 31 , 2012 : Geometric Limited (BSE: 532312, NSE: GEOMETRIC), a leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Global Engineering Services , and Offshore Product Development (OPD) solutions and technologies , today announced the release of DFMPro ® version 3.2 for PTC® Creo ® design software with configurable assembly checks for clearance and interference. The injection molding checks now support multiple pull directions for better plasticpart design.