DFMPro is a powerful  Design for Manufacturability software, fully integrated inside Creo Parametric. DFMPro for Creo  helps designers to validate their designs for manufacturability and assembly within Creo and Pro engineer and take corrective actions without multiple rounds of design iterations. It provides suggestions, which help avoid rework, improve design quality and save on downstream manufacturing cost. The built-in interactive reports facility helps in streamlining collaboration with manufacturing and even suppliers.

Seamlessly integrated within Creo, it allows you to

DFM Software Integrated within Creo!

  • Eliminate rework due to manufacturing and assembly errors downstream
  • Run DFM checks at the click of button within Creo and Pro/Engineer, plus edit and update the design without leaving the CAD environment.
  • Use DFMPro for common manufacturing processes like plastic injection molding, sheet metal, machining (Turning, milling & drilling) and assembly operations

DFMPro for Creo Cost Add On

DFMPro Cost addon provides design optimization for manufacturability and cost

Fig: Design Optimization for manufacturability and cost

Emerging trend is industry is to reduce product cost at design stage

  • 70% of the product cost is determined at the design stage and optimized designs have better impact on reducing overall product cost
  • Identifying optimum design alternatives at early stage helps to reduce cost of the product
  • Capturing best practices from previous cost estimates and historical designs and using them in early design validation can help create cost effective designs

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