Industry Challenges:

  • Manufacturers are facing constant pressure of consistently innovating new products and remaining cost competitive at the same time
  • OEMs are focusing on removing inefficiencies and costs from all stages of the product life-cycle cycle to improve profitability and shrinking operating margins
  • Design engineers do not have softwares/tools available with them which can provide early visibility to manufacturing and cost consequences for their design decisions
  • Downstream manufacturing changes or cost issues are very expensive to handle

DFMPro Cost addon provides design optimization for manufacturability and costFig: Design Optimization for manufacturability and cost

Emerging trend is industry is to reduce product cost at design stage

  • 70% of the product cost is determined at the design stage and optimized designs have better impact on reducing overall product cost
  • Identifying optimum design alternatives at early stage helps to reduce cost of the product
  • Capturing best practices from previous cost estimates and historical designs and using them in early design validation can help create cost effective designs
DFMPro Cost:

DFMPro cost add-on provides early cost visibility to design engineers right from when designs are getting created.

70% cost reduction opportunities are in design phase

At design phase, it is important to evaluate various options –

  • Materials
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Features
  • Tolerances etc.

These items drives the cost of product and post completion of detailed design phase, it’s expensive to make changes.

  • DFMPro along with manufacturability validation also provides insights into what drives the cost. It goes to depth of each feature for selected manufacturing process and provides an opportunity to optimize the design
  • Organizations are more and more adopting design to cost approach which requires design engineers to quickly validate design within CAD platform
  • The intuitive feedback from DFMPro helps design engineers to focus on top factors that drives the cost and evaluate various alternatives quickly
  • Thus with DFMPro design engineers are able to take wholistic approach towards cost and optimize design from overall quality

DFMPro cost addon - DFMPro ROM cost estimation with critical feature identification

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