Design-for-Excellence-DFX fDesign For eXcellence  or DfX  is a systematic design approach that entails wide range of guidelines and standards focused on optimizing the product realization life-cycle. Design for Manufacturability and Design for Assembly (DFM & DFA), Design for Cost, Design for Serviceability, Design for Performance guidelines, and so on, ensure that issues related to manufacturing, cost, quality, assembly and serviceability are addressed right at the design stage. If these guidelines are not adhered during the design stage it can lead to engineering changes occurring at later stages of product life-cycle which are highly expensive and can cause product delays and cost over-runs.

Design for Manufacturing & Design for Assembly Software

Geometric DFX® is a design for manufacturability and design for assembly software that facilitates the implementation of DfX methods and guidelines in a systematic manner in an organization and improves the design process.

  • Geometric DFX assists design engineers to validate 3D CAD parts and assemblies for various downstream issues related to manufacturing, cost, quality, supplier capability, assembly, serviceability and environment right at the design stage.
  • Runs analysis on any CAD file formats such as CATIA®, Creo Parametric™, Inventor®, NX™, Soild Edge®, SOLIDWORKS® as well as neutral formats like STEP/IGES.
  • Helps avoid expensive features in design which can increase cost and create issues in manufacturing, assembly and servicing
  • Helps to improve productivity of the design process by capturing downstream requirements early thus reducing design rework, review time and leading to better quality.
  • Knowledge-driven framework  to capture global best practices and tribal knowledge within organization
  • The ‘Out of the Box’ (OOTB) version comes prepackaged with 100+ rules that take into account downstream issues impacting part or assembly design.
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DFMA Software Demo

DFMA Software Demo
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Geometric DFX Demonstration
Geometric DFX Demonstration

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