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Design for Standardization

Ever-increasing demand for new products from customers is forcing OEMs to launch innovative products at record speeds. Launching a new product could mean either starting from scratch and designing something revolutionary or putting existing pieces together and creating something evolutionary. Revolutionary products form part of a company’s long term vision while evolutionary products comprise of […]

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Why, What & How of Design for Excellence

Decisions made by engineers during the design stage have cascading implications on product cost, quality and time to market. Given that 30 to 35 percent of engineering effort is spent on rework due to downstream manufacturability and assembly issues, it becomes increasingly important to adopt Design for Excellence methodology as an integral part of the […]

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Affordable Innovation in the High-Tech Industry with Upfront Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Challenges in the High-Tech Industry Driving costs out of the product lifecycle is on the top of every company’s agenda in the high-tech industry. High-tech industry original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who design and market products like computer equipment, networking and telecommunication equipment, medical devices, consumer electronics, etc. are continually working towards becoming more cost-efficient to […]

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